The Right Amount of Much

I am so much.

I won’t say I’m too much. I’ve learned better by now than to say that.

I am the right amount of much. So much.

I am embarrassed to be so much. I am proud to be so much. I never want to be less than this…

A Pandemic School Day.

I’m not doing well.

I can sing by heart the song of gratitude for what I have and that my family is healthy. It’s all true. I have food in the cupboard. My apartment is warm. I am deeply grateful.

Still, I’m not doing well.

Remote school is my job…

By Lena Gilbert

April 4, 2017

Growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I had the privilege of being bused. Anyone remember the controversial busing program? It was a practice of moving children from different residential areas to redress segregation so that schools could be more fully integrated. And to be honest…

Dec 9, 2016

In lieu of a written story this week, I’m including a piece that my wonderful friend Donna Klimek encouraged me to film. I wrote it a couple years ago, and this time we upped the production value.

Here’s a little something for the holidays. I hope you enjoy it:

A Brooklyn Halloween

“Django! Sit!”

We’re in front of a house with spooky lighting and styrofoam tombstones. There’s a crowd of little princesses and scary types of all ages crowded on the sidewalk. I’m standing back with the grown ups. I’ve got ghostly white face, bloody lips and a spiffy black cloche hat…

October 26, 2016

“What kind of dance career do you want?” I remember being asked once by someone slightly older than myself — an interested party who wanted to be encouraging. “Do you want to choreograph? Have your own dance company? Teach?”

“No!” I said. “I want to dance for…

Oct 20, 2016

“What are you hoping for from this third debate?” the interviewer asks a panel of undecided voters.

“I just want Donald Trump to grow up a little and talk about the issues,” says a self-described grandmother.

“I want Hillary Clinton to show some sympathy and empathy and to understand why…

Lena Gilbert

Lena is a performer, storyteller, choreographer, writer, self-taught philosopher, and coach.

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